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Together, we deliver value and make customers happy. Do you want to be a part of our team?

We can’t promise you that everything will always run like clockwork.
Teamwork is the key to our success. The commitment and dedication of our employees are our greatest strengths, along with modern technologies and infrastructure. Our goal is to make employees as highly qualified as possible through education and training, so that they better equipped to ensure the satisfaction of clients. The goal of Express One is to further strengthen the company’s resources by investing in its own potential and to position itself as a synonym for energy and strength in the logistics services market.
A job you can trust.

Media relations

For all media inquiries and information, please contact our Public Relations Department. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. Media contact: Sergeja Mirnik, Head of Sales, Marketing and Service Development,

Parcel shops

The pick-up location is the place to pick up your shipment. Our shops are located at points of sale at the locations of our partners. They make it easier for the recipient to pick up the shipment at the time and location of their choice. Our partner network has more than 600 locations throughout Slovenia. Become our partner:

  • Increase footfall
  • Add value for your customers
  • Remuneration for each shipment received and delivered
  • Joint marketing activities

Our contact: Sergeja Mirnik,

Pick-up locations

In order to pick up or return your shipment where and when it is most convenient for you, we collaborate with several partners:

In this way, we can offer greater convenience, save time and reduce mileage.

Ljubljana Maribor Novo mesto Celje Koper


Pod lipami 21
1218 Komenda


Cesta k Tamu 77
2000 Maribor

Novo mesto

Na žago 6
8351 Straža pri Novem mestu


Ipavčeva 22
3000 Celje


Kampel 30B
6000 Koper

Express One - Slovenia

Frequently asked questions


Check the product characteristics

Try to find out as much as possible about the product you are buying. Take the opportunity to find out what is possible in a phone conversation and via email. Ask the seller to send you a better or another photo of the product in order to get a truer idea of the product and so that the product, the seller sends you does not fall short of your expectations. Ask for a description of the colour, texture, contents, size, capacity and anything else you might be interested in about the product to make sure you know what kind of product you are buying.

Check the seller's reputation

Ask your friends and acquaintances if they have bought from the seller and what their experiences were. Any experience and information will come in handy, and the chances of being scammed will decrease. If possible, buy only from verified sellers or directly in online stores. When shopping on web shops, pay attention to reviews and feedback about the seller.
Check the conditions of sale, the possibility of delivery and return of the product.
Most reputable sellers have specific terms for returning the product (Returns Policy) on their website. If the product return policy is not published on their website, before buying, ask the seller what to do should you not be satisfied with the product. The more information you have about the product and the seller, the less chance something will go wrong. If you buy from a private person, be sure to agree on the eventual return of the item.

How can I pay at shipment shops?

In case of cash on delivery, the employee check the ransom amount on the shipment and collect it from you. You can pay via all payment options available at the parcel shop.

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