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Shipment delivery event

Why is my shipment in the parcel locker (paketomat)?

It appears that our courier could not hand over your shipment to you at your delivery location at the time of delivery (e.g. absence, incomplete address information, problems with the doorbell).
We understand that receiving your shipment as soon as possible is important to you, so after the first delivery attempt, we deliver your shipment to the nearest parcel locker (paketomat), where you can pick up your shipment on the same day at any time that is convenient to you. Your shipment will be waiting in the parcel locker for 72 hours. After that time, we will return your shipment to our warehouse.
If you wish to extend the deadline at the parcel locker, please use CS link.
This helps us provide you with sustainable and fast delivery.

I received my shipment and your courier won't let me open it before signing the delivery confirmation. Why?

After our courier hands over the shipment to you and you sign the Delivery List, our service is fulfilled.
By signing the Delivery List, you confirm that the shipment received is not damaged and that the contents are not complete.
Delivery claims after delivery shall not be accepted unless you provide evidence that the damage or reduced shipment contents occurred before the delivery of the shipment.
Claims regarding shipment content must be resolved with the seller/sender (e.g. online shop).

I didn’t receive my shipment. Why?

It could be that we were unable to deliver your shipment due to:

  • your delivery address on a shipment is incomplete or wrong
  • your absence at the time of delivery
  • our courier could not reach you on the phone and/or your bell is out of reach, broken or is not properly labelled
  • your delivery address is a PO Box at Posta Slovenije.

Please check the state of your shipment anytime at Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o. or contact our service department between 08:00 and 18:00 (CS link).
Please check your e-mail for notice of failed delivery.

According to Track&Trace, my shipment was delivered, but I didn’t receive it. What should I do?

Something went wrong, we apologize for the inconvenience. 

  • Please check the shipment number – it could be that you are expect another shipment which will be delivered via another courier company.
  • Please check whether a neighbour or family has taken the shipment in your name.
  • Please check whether the shipment was left in a safe place at your premises.

Why didn’t I receive the notice of failed delivery?

To leave the notice of failed delivery if nobody was in when we attempted to deliver something to your address, our courier needs access to your letterbox at the delivery location. At some locations this is not possible as:

  • The letterbox is not accessible, e.g. located behind a locked entrance door
  • no name tag is placed on the letterbox
  • there is a different name is on the letter box.

For further information, please contact us (CS link). 

Why did the courier not call me?

For our courier to call you prior to delivery and arrange delivery of your shipment with you, you must supply a valid phone number. When ordering in the online shop, please take care to provide a valid phone number. If you did not do so, you can provide us with your telephone number at any time through Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o. or contacts link.

Why is my shipment late and what should I do?

Your shipment might be late due to:

  • incomplete or incorrect delivery data
  • a delay in the delivery process.

Please check the status of your shipment at Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o..

I've missed my delivery. What do I need to do?

If you are not available at the time of delivery you can:

As well as phoning you prior to delivery and ringing the bell at the time of delivery at your address, the courier will leave a notice of failed delivery in your mailbox.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that:
! the courier cannot ring the bell if there is no name on the plate, doorbell is not accessible or is broken, etc.; or
! the courier cannot leave the notice of failed delivery in your mailbox because your mailbox is not accessible, not labelled, etc.

Don’t panic. 
If we are not able deliver to you or to a parcel locker, we return your shipment to our warehouse for 10 working days, counting from the first delivery date. Within this time, you can arrange a new delivery time and/or date at contacts link.

! For successful delivery, it is important that:

  • we receive correct shipping data (name, address and phone number of the recipient)
  • your doorbell and your mailbox are functioning, labelled and accessible
  • you regularly check your purchase orders and contact us proactively to correct the delivery information, as appropriate.

How can I check when my shipment will arrive? When can I expect the delivery?

We deliver every working day from 08:00 to 16:00. On the delivery date, you will receive an e-mail (if you have supplied a valid e-mail address) or Viber or SMS notification (if you have supplied a valid phone number). The courier will also call you prior to arrival at your address (if you have supplied a valid phone number). You can track your shipment or change the delivery options/your data as follows:

! If you make a change via Track&Trace, the delivery will in some cases be, postponed for 1 additional working day.

What delivery options are available?

Within our delivery process, we make one delivery attempt to your address. You can at any time order directly or redirect your shipment to:

via Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o..
Additional delivery options:

  • safe place link at your address.


Drop-off / Pick-up points

Why can I not collect the shipment from the parcel locker (paketomat)/shops?

In general, there are 3 reasons: shipment size, capacity or missing phone number.
Space at parcel lockers and shops is unfortunately limited. Therefore, we cannot always deposit shipments at the (nearest) location. Please check the status of your shipment at Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o. to manage the delivery.

How can I pay at shipment shops?

In case of cash on delivery, the employee check the ransom amount on the shipment and collect it from you. You can pay via all payment options available at the parcel shop.

What is the delivery/return procedure at the parcel shop?

After you arrive at the parcel shop location, you should provide information about the shipment number or your name and surname to the employee at the counter. The employee will search for your shipment in the system and identify you via your personal document. The shipment will then be issued to you, together with a printout of delivery confirmation, after you sign the delivery receipt.

I cannot open the door of the parcel locker (paketomat). What should I do?

Sometimes even the best innovations have hiccups. We are sorry for the inconvenience. In this case, please contact our service department to resolve the problem.

How can I pick up the shipment at the parcel locker (paketomat)?

The locker can be opened with the app, which is easier for you, but also without it. You can open the public parcel locker only when your shipment is inside.
The locker can be opened using the sound token, silent token or the NFC key. You can select the most appropriate method in the mobile app settings. For more information, please visit Help, Support & FAQ |

Where can I pick up/return my shipment?

We work with several partners to enable convenient pick up and return of your shipment.
To find out the pick-up point of your shipment, check your Viber, SMS message and e-mail or Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o..
Please check the nearest location for returns at

Payment on delivery

Can I pay by card?

Payment with a credit card is not available at this moment.

Can I pay with cash at delivery?

If your shipment is not prepaid, you can pay the price of the cash-on-delivery shipment in cash to our courier. In this case, on the day of delivery, you will receive an e-mail or Viber or SMS notification stating the exact amount due. The courier will issue you with a receipt for the payment of the cash-on-delivery amount.
! Please have ready the exact amount in cash.

Complaints - damaged and lost shipments

In what time frame will I be compensated for damaged or lost shipments?

We will pay the compensation for damage no later than 30 days from the moment we receive and confirm complete documentation.

The shipment I sent arrived damaged. How can I prove its value when I send something for which I do not have a receipt?

In this case, the value of the shipment is determined according to the market value of the shipment content.

What documentation is required to make a claim?

Please send us a claim for compensation for damage including the following information:

  • the date on which the shipment was collected from the sender
  • complete recipient information
  • shipment number (barcode)
  • type of damage (damaged/lost shipment, short shipment)
  • the value of the damaged/lost shipment and of the short shipment
  • copy of the invoice for the damaged/lost shipment and of the short shipment (the damaged/lost shipment and the short shipment  must be marked on the invoice and the date of issue of the damaged/lost shipment invoice must be visible from the invoice), other proof of the value of the goods (example: supplier's invoice), or description of the shipment content.

How can I submit a complaint?

We handle your shipments with care. However, it can happen that your shipment is lost or damaged during transport. Complaints related to:

For the deadlines for submitting your complaint, please check our General term and conditions link, depending on the type of complaint you want to submit.

You can expect a response in the shortest possible time and no later than within 30 days of receiving a complaint for domestic traffic, or within 60 days of receiving a complaint for international traffic.

You informed me that my shipment was lost. What should I do?

Our Complaints Department or the sender will contact you to collect all the documentation necessary to solve the issue.


What if the shipment is short?

In case of short shipments, please contact us at and provide:

  • the shipment number on the label on the shipment
  • list of the received goods in the shipment, and
  • list of the missing goods.

! Store the shipment and the entire packaging. It is always good to provide photo–documented evidence.

How will I prove the value of the contents of a package that is damaged or lost?

The seller’s invoice issued to you as the recipient is the basis for your claim.

Do I need to save damaged contents and packaging?

Damaged contents and packaging must be retained for possible damage inspection until the claim is settled.

The shipment arrived damaged. What should I do?

With the courier please review the contents of the shipment. If contents are:

  • not damaged/not reduced you can take over the shipment
  • damaged or reduced, record the damage to the shipment with our courier. The courier will compile the shipment damage report, which you need to confirm. The shipment damage report establishes the delivery of the damaged shipment (type of packaging, condition in which the shipment was delivered, circumstances of the damage).

In case of damage, please contact us as soon as possible via e-mail and

  • provide the shipment number (see shipment label)
  • attach photos of the packaging, internal protection and damaged contents.

! Do not modify the contents of the shipment so that the actual state of the content can be determined.
! Do not use the contents because it is considered that by using the contents you have acknowledged the contents being undamaged and not missing and that the damage occurred after you used the contents, not during delivery.
! Do not return the shipment to the sender before you have agreed with the sender on returning the shipment.
! Store the shipment and the entire packaging.


What is the maximum shipment size and weight for the transport?

Regardless of the destination and origin:

  • the maximum shipment weight is 31.50 kilograms
  • the maximum shipment dimensions: longest side 200 cm and the sum of the longest side and the perimeter* cannot be bigger than 3.60 m (*perimeter = 2 height x 2 width)
  • the maximum circumference is 360 cm.

Transportation limitations

What cannot be sent by Express One Slovenia d.o.o.?

Express One Slovenia d.o.o. will neither accept nor handle the following shipments:

  • live animals,
  • perishable or easily perishable goods,
  • radioactive, explosive and easily flammable items or other dangerous substances such as prohibited chemicals,
  • gold, silver, precious stones or other precious materials,
  • securities and other documents with monetary value,
  • firearms (either whole or in parts) and other weapons,
  • ammunition or any other objects of which receipt or any other procedure during service provision is associated with a danger to other shipments, postal items, equipment and means of transport or to the lives and health of humans, sexual integrity, economy, public order and peace,
  • human or animal remains,
  • illicit drugs (unless the sender and the recipient are authorized to transport or use drugs under the law),
  • other objects whose transportation is prohibited pursuant to the regulations of the Republic of Slovenia or the decision of any state body or organisation.

Shipment shipping tips

How are scissors, knives, and sharp objects properly packed?

Each sharp object must be individually wrapped and all edges are wrapped well.
Place the packed item in an appropriate box and use fillings (paper, Styrofoam, air bubble film wrap etc.) If you are sending several such items, prevent them from touching each other.

How are goods in rolls properly packed?

They should be protected with multi-layer air bubble film wrap and additionally covered with cardboard.

How are maps and plans properly packed?

Pack the maps and plans in an appropriate box/sleeve. Close both ends tightly to prevent the contents from falling out of the box. The seal must be made of material (cardboard) suitable for automatic and mechanical sorting of shipments.

How are various paper rolls, pictures, vinyl properly packed?

This type of product must be sent in a cardboard sleeve that closes on one side. The seal must be made of material (cardboard) suitable for automatic and mechanical sorting of shipments.

How are leaflets, brochures, documents, and books properly packed?

Leaflets, brochures, and documents must be wrapped in packing paper and placed in a box of appropriate size.
When sending books, the edges must be additionally protected with cardboard and placed in a box of an appropriate size.

How are car parts and bicycles properly packed?

In the case of sending car parts, it is necessary to protect the entire shipment content, which means that the contents cannot be seen through the packaging material, and that it is completely protected from all sides.
If you are sending a bicycle, you need to disassemble it into parts, with adequate internal protection for sensitive parts.

How are liquids/semi-liquids/powders properly packed?

If you are sending liquids, be sure to pack them in a sealed container or any other impermeable packaging (nylon, etc.) so that even in the event of damage, the spilled contents will not damage the rest of the contents of the shipment or other shipments. Seal semi-liquid substances, fats or substances with an intense smell with adhesive tape and wrap in greaseproof paper. The powders must be packed in such a way as to prevent spillage and damage to other shipments. They should be packed in a hermetically sealed bag, and then covered with additional protection inside a box of an appropriate size.

How are glass, fragile and delicate items properly packed?

Glass, fragile and delicate items must be individually packed into a solid box filled with appropriate protective material (paper, Styrofoam, sponge, foil or the like). The glass parts must not touch each other. The bottles must be separated from each other by partitions from top to bottom and additionally lined with shock-absorbing material.

How are technical products and electronic devices properly packed?

Technical products and electronic devices must be packed in the manufacturer's original packaging, which has additional protection – Styrofoam. If you do not have the original packaging, it is recommended to place the item in a larger box that can be filled with Styrofoam and hard cardboard in several layers to eliminate the possibility of damage.

How are shipments properly packed?

The choice of packaging material and packaging method must correspond to the content, type, dimensions, weight and value of the shipment and the length of the relation to which the shipment is to be transferred.
During the logistics process, shipments are exposed to various mechanical effects such as the weight of other shipments in transportation, handling, sorting and delivery process.
Express One takes therefore responsibility only for those shipments that are properly packed.

  • The contents must remain undamaged after a free fall from 80 cm onto a hard surface and withstand a stacking pressure of around 80 kg.
  • Be sure that one person can handle your shipment independently.
  • Pack the goods in such a way that they can be transported in any position, and not that the safety of transport depends on the position of the box.
  • The content you send must not touch the outer box (place the content in the middle of the box 3 to 5 centimetres from the outer packaging, including box bottom and top, add Styrofoam or other protection material, if necessary). Place enough filling material around the content so that it cannot move around in the box and it is safe for shipment handling and transportation.
  • The cardboard must be strong and undamaged and must be able to withstand the weight of other shipments being transported.
  • It is not advisable to use packaging that was previously wet, even if it is dry at the time of packaging.
  • If you use used packaging, it is necessary to remove all remaining old labels and shipment tags in order to deliver your shipment on time to the correct delivery address.
  • Glue, adhesive tape, etc. can be used to seal the shipment, depending on the type and value of the contents.
  • Shipments that are delivered in a closed envelope must be secured so that their contents or part of them cannot be removed without visible damage to the shipment and the means for closing the shipment (glues, adhesive tapes, etc.).
  • If you do not have the original packaging, it is recommended to place the item in a larger box that can be filled with filling material to eliminate the possibility of damage.
  • The shipment must be packed so that it does not damage other shipments during transport and handling.

Safe online shipping

Track your shipment

Follow the shipment through the Track&Trace option. This allows you to know at all times where your shipment is and what is happening with it. Ask the sender for the shipment number. If the sender does not want to give you that number, be careful.

Check the packing method

Ask the sender how the shipment will be packed. The sender is always, without exception, responsible for the quality of the packaging. Do not allow yourself to be put in a situation where the sender says that he sent a correct shipment, but it arrives damaged. Insist on high-quality packaging. Pay special attention to the packaging if you are buying fragile or delicate items.

Ask for an invoice, warranty and service options

When buying a new product, ask for a warranty and an invoice. A guarantee is given with all technical products, so if you buy such a product online, ask for the associated guarantee. If the seller does not have a guarantee and cannot send you an invoice, ask why this is so. Perhaps the product is not new or the seller did not acquire it legally.

Check the product characteristics

Try to find out as much as possible about the product you are buying. Take the opportunity to find out what is possible in a phone conversation and via email. Ask the seller to send you a better or another photo of the product in order to get a truer idea of the product and so that the product, the seller sends you does not fall short of your expectations. Ask for a description of the colour, texture, contents, size, capacity and anything else you might be interested in about the product to make sure you know what kind of product you are buying.

When the seller is a natural person, check the seller's personal information

Check the seller's information if possible. Always ask for the first and last name. Try to find the person elsewhere on the Internet. Compare the payment information provided by the seller with the information provided in the advertisement. If the information differs, contact the seller by phone and try to find out why they differ.

Compare prices, don't fall for low-price offers

When buying a product that has an incredibly low price, check the price of the same product elsewhere. If the price is significantly higher elsewhere, contact the seller and check if there is a reason why the price is so low (the product may be used or damaged).
If there is no reason for such a low price, you should still exercise caution. Don't forget: nobody wants to earn less!

Always pay with money, not other means of payment

When placing an order, always pay with money. Money is used as the standard means of purchase and if the seller asks for something else, be suspicious. Alternative means of payment, such as mobile phone vouchers or shopping vouchers, are more difficult to track than bank account numbers and fraudsters often recommend them because they hide their identity more easily.
This is why bank account payments are rare among fraudsters. If the seller is reluctant to give their account number, be careful.

Pay cash on delivery to those you don't know, not in advance

Replace payment for items in advance with other payment means, such as PayPal or cash on delivery. Even after receiving the shipment with the purchased item, you can report fraud through the Express One Slovenia d.o.o. website.
You can report fraud within 2 working days of the date of the delivery, so opening the shipment in front of our courier is not necessary.

Check the seller's reputation

Ask your friends and acquaintances if they have bought from the seller and what their experiences were. Any experience and information will come in handy, and the chances of being scammed will decrease. If possible, buy only from verified sellers or directly in online stores. When shopping on web shops, pay attention to reviews and feedback about the seller.
Check the conditions of sale, the possibility of delivery and return of the product.
Most reputable sellers have specific terms for returning the product (Returns Policy) on their website. If the product return policy is not published on their website, before buying, ask the seller what to do should you not be satisfied with the product. The more information you have about the product and the seller, the less chance something will go wrong. If you buy from a private person, be sure to agree on the eventual return of the item.

Express One Slovenia

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The headquarters of our company and the central warehouse are in the Komenda business zone. Our other warehouses with space for handling goods provide the necessary geographical coverage for fast delivery of shipments to recipients the next working day throughout Slovenia.