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Safe online shopping

Safe online shopping

Today, we use more and more technologies, including to carry out various administrative procedures and to shop online. As with physical shops, online shopping has some advantages, but also some pitfalls.
Experts note that many consumers fall into the trap of cunning fraudsters when shopping online. The Varni na internetu (Safe internet use) website has compiled some useful tips on how a consumer can suspect something is wrong with an online shop at first sight. It is useful for everyone to read the useful tips and follow them as much as possible.

Too good to be true

Remember the golden rule that usually applies: if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is not real. Extremely low prices for the same products and/or services, perhaps priced several times lower than the competition, extremely favourable payment methods, significantly better than the competition, incredibly short delivery times, where other competitors can't even deliver at the moment... 
These and too many other promises are just that - empty promises. Many people like them and decide to buy from such providers, but very often, they end up with no money and no product/service.

It's quite the same...

Fakes are a very lucrative business for cunning online fraudsters. It is well known that products of established brands, manufacturers, retailers and the like are very expensive. This does not mean that they are expensive just because they are offered by the aforementioned, but that they are also usually expected to be of excellent quality, outstanding design, longer-lasting, sustainability-conscious. 
In short: the product will not fall apart after a few uses and neither humans, animals nor the environment suffer for its creation. This higher price is usually paid for years of experience, development and expertise, excellent skills and, of course, cutting-edge technology.

Internet rules!

Despite the pitfalls that lurk for the consumer, it would be unjustified to claim that all online shopping is in itself unfriendly, dangerous or otherwise endangering to the consumer. On the contrary, modern technologies can help us very well and, above all, very effectively. 
It can help us to run errands much faster (not having to deal with traffic jams), sometimes safer (internet shopping instead of having to go out in bad weather conditions) and often easier (not having to find a parking space or having to go to several offices).

Free shipment tracking

Online shopping is actually useful, but use your common sense. We are here for you, and we will deliver your shipments safely and on time to your home or to your chosen location. We have put some basic guidelines together for you in one place on the Express One > Our shipping services > Sending shipment website. You are welcome to visit our website where you can, among other things, track your shipment. For this purpose, you can track your shipments free of charge using the Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One SI, service, so you can see where your shipments are at any time or when they were delivered.

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