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API stands for "Application Programming Interface".

The customer can order Express One Slovenia d.o.o. services via the API by customising their system (ERP, Web, etc.) to enable them to send orders directly to Express One SI, access the necessary data to print labels, retrieve shipment information, etc.

The API also has various options that allow the client to view the status of the package.

Express One SI is already directly integrated with the MetaKocka provider. If the customer is already using their system, the integration should be fast and seamless.


  • System integration
  • the customer decides where in their system they want to add ordering, status view, label creation, etc.
  • Least possibility for errors
    tags are predefined in the admin API, where you can add the customer's logo or make other minor changes

Potential disadvantages:

  • To integrate with Express One SI via API, the customer must invest in customising their system.

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Distribution warehouse map

The headquarters of our company and the central warehouse are in the Komenda business zone. Our other warehouses with space for handling goods provide the necessary geographical coverage for fast delivery of shipments to recipients the next working day throughout Slovenia.