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Receive your parcel

Receiving shipments with Express One Slovenia d.o.o. is convenient and easy!

We strive to deliver according to your wishes and sustainably. You can proactively manage your delivery and customize receipt of your shipments with our multiple service options for receiving shipments.

This saves time, distance and CO2.

Track your shipment

Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o. allows you to track your shipment in real time.
Simply enter the shipment number and find out where the shipment is.

Change your delivery option

Decide for yourself where you would like to receive your shipments when you are not at home.
Please change the delivery address and/or time via Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o. or by calling our service department (Link CS).

Pick up your shipment

You can order your shipment directly or redirect it via Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o. to one of our pick-up / drop-off locations: Pick-up locations - Express One Slovenia d.o.o..

In this way you can collect your shipment at your convenience.

Delivery at safe place

Receive your shipment even if you’re not at home.
Choose a suitable, safe place at your address where we can deliver your shipment.
Request delivery to a safe place at your home.
The courier will leave your shipment in a desired place at your home premises, even if you are not there.

Notification prior to delivery

You will receive an e-mail or Viber or SMS notifications with delivery details for your shipment.
Our courier will call you prior to the delivery attempt.

Notice of failed delivery

In case of your absence, our courier will leave a notice of failed delivery in your mailbox, if accessible.
If you have supplied a valid phone number, we will leave your shipment at the nearest pick-up location: Pick-up locations - Express One Slovenia d.o.o..

Picking up the shipment at the pick-up point is only possible after you receive an SMS / Viber message informing you that your shipment has arrived at the pick-up point.

If you have not supplied a valid phone number, please arrange a second delivery attempt via Track&Trace | Internet Shipping | Express One Slovenia d.o.o. or by contacting our service department (Contact information - Express One - Express One Slovenia d.o.o.).
We keep your shipment safe for 5 working days before returning it to the sender.

Exceptions If the sender has expressly requested personal signing of documents or delivery exclusively by hand, the courier cannot deliver the shipment to anyone else.
Shipments that require return documents to be certified during delivery and oversize shipments can only be delivered to the home address and cannot be redirected to drop-off locations.


Express One Slovenia

For all media inquiries and information, please contact our public relations department. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. Media contact:

Distribution warehouse map

The headquarters of our company and the central warehouse are in the Komenda business zone. Our other warehouses with space for handling goods provide the necessary geographical coverage for fast delivery of shipments to recipients the next working day throughout Slovenia.